Friday, July 04, 2003

I love the '80s

VH1 has a very entertaining show called I Love the 80s. Watching it makes me feel very old. In 1989, I worked as a summer associate in the Wilmington office of Skadden Arps, and the M&A boom was in full swing. It was an amazing experience. It seemed that every day brought a new deal or a new decision from the Delaware courts. I later signed on as a real associate, and that was not so amazing. (We'll leave those stories for another day.)

Business Week is now reporting a renewed interest in M&A for technology companies, spurred by Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft. Our economy could use a measured dose of hostile takeovers, but don't get your hopes up. As stated in the article, "Don't expect an avalanche of deals overnight, though. Any significant rise in volume isn't likely to show up until late this year or early 2004."