Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Yesterday, I found this blog on Google! What an amazing search engine! Although I am not an early adopter of most technology, I was an early convert to Google and I remain an avid fan. Lately, I have been watching Google for another reason: wondering when the firm is going to take the IPO leap. Cnet reported on Sunday that Sergey Brin was pooh-poohing the idea at the PC Forum in Scottsdale. He gave all of the usual reasons, but take it from someone who has helped a number of companies to go public, the pros will soon outweighed the cons, and we will soon see a Google IPO. That said, I am skeptical that a Google IPO will trigger a raging bull market (a la Netscape in 1995), but the market seems poised to elevate, and Google could provide some much-needed fuel.