Monday, January 03, 2005

What's the deal with Contracts professors?

Last year, when I first started teaching contract, I signed a listserv was established, its purpose is to discuss contract law. I was a corporate law similar to the mass function, but the contract level of activity is much higher. Not only that, but the professors spent a lot of time analyzing (or) its first year law students constructed a hypothetical distortions. In contrast, mass function is rarely used in the Company's list of professors, when they do so, it is usually to discuss the latest developments in corporate law.

Rather than the hypothetical contract thinking, I began to think: Why is a contract professor at the company even more so outside the professors are interested in such activities. Perhaps more people to teach the contract, the list to get more traffic? Perhaps the contractual professors spend more time to make the basic issues, while business professors to continue to move forward on this basis? Professor of a contract may be smart (or stupid?) Professors outside the company? There may be some participants who feed directory service contracts of this type of discussion, but the enterprise directory service stations do not? Hard to say, but if people listen, I would like to hear your theories.