Saturday, January 08, 2005

Selecting Your Work At Home Business Opportunity

I started at home opportunities back in 2001, possible to find jobs. This is a time-consuming process, but in retrospect, I give myself back, when I cash a check every month from my home-based business the same. The purpose of this article is to help others, also make a wish with less time and energy to pay more than my own choice.

Running for many years "bricks and mortar" type business, I did not buy a minute, seriously exaggerated, or even worse, the family business fraud, real-time operating touted the wealth can be achieved (usually lack the necessary efforts). While What does the business, I ended up doing research, this type of claim as an immediate trigger to gain access to view the other "opportunities."

What I mean is, give us some credit, if these claims almost real, and why they will share their "secret business model," us? They will only carry out their "magic", and in a short time has made all the money in the world, there ... get real!

In my survey, a number of other natural filters appear to help ease the real and legitimate home based business opportunity offers from a number of unfounded and narrow. Early, I concluded, "One Level" provides essentially the smoke in. After all, if I want to attend the signing of the opportunity, I will buy tickets. As my business management experience, I quickly understood the three main factors that will affect my choice is:

* Successful longevity (how long the company has been successfully doing business?)

* Reasonable income expectations touted by the home to provide job opportunities, the company executives.

* Support systems and training resources to help students succeed.

One thing struck my family is I chose my home-based business co-founder made a statement. It then is similar to the following:

"Almost every day there are some I have not heard a question, why he or she did not see a big check. But more often, ask those who did not even participate in more than 90 days, only a subsidiary or even just beginning to understand the operation of the entire system . Frankly speaking, even if the number of 6 months, it is still too early to expect an important source of income development.

I have always said that if you are not willing to provide at least a year, so do not want to become involved in operational. You have to understand that it takes time to understand all the nuances of the compensation scheme. It will take time to decide which products to take the lead processing. It takes time to develop rules of the game. It will take time to find out what marketing activities to provide maximum relief explosion. The do require a sustained effort. If you do not consider long-term, you own has failed. "

Generally speaking, the selection process should focus on reality (there is no "magic home"-based enterprises), and reject any so-called "home-based business opportunities", it seems too good to be true.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Vicarious and Limited Liability

Said I was crazy, but the social ideas, willing to side or responsibility for the acts of another State, fascinated me. Of course, this is not only we are willing to do so, but trying to find out when we are willing to do so. Today, when my colleagues in a business organization in teaching, I discussed the recent New Jersey case, a "rogue" partner in law firm committed malpractice and stole client funds. In addition, this partner is lying for malpractice insurance, insurance providers are trying to abolish this policy. The case is complex, but boils down to whether the medical malpractice insurance providers should be bound to the hair based on the false rogue partner policy. On the one hand, this seems to be a simple question, law of agency. Each partner is a partnership between the agents, therefore, the agent behavior is partnership action, therefore, can not protect the policy of partnership, because it is based on available muddle through it.

However, in this case, the trial court has an interesting on this issue that we should not punish the policy of the abolition of all partners, only one of the partners lying. This line of reasoning will lead to insurance companies - rather than the law firm partnership - Indian partners, the burden of the wrongful act. That there are many possible responses. We can say that "innocent" partners should be more to choose their partners carefully. Or they do not really innocent, as they should be monitored more closely rogue partner. We can also argue that they had received the interest of agency relationship, and now they must bear the burden.

All of these are perfectly acceptable response, as well as the Court of Appeal seemed to accept this reasoning, ruled that the policy should be removed. But this fact: law firm partnership is a limited liability partnership. As the result of this decision, the insurance company is off the hook. The innocent partners exposed only to the extent of his money investment partnership. If the liabilities exceed its assets of partnership - this seems to be true in this case - the big losers will be the third party, who suffered a loss, but so far has not been fully compensate for the possibility.

All of this makes me want to know is vicarious liability and limited liability of the interaction of the. However, the burden of our current distribution make sense? Something tells me that if not, but I need to do more work on this before I can be sure.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Social Entrepreneurship

Everyone seems to be "social entrepreneurs to talk about" (including myself, now). The word has existed for years, but it is still new enough that we feel the need to explain what this means. Different from the majority of people responsible for governing the community's social entrepreneurship, although the two are closely related. The following is from a recent article published by the Aspen Institute, Mali Zhan Ventila excerpt:

Social Impact Management [socially responsible management], on the one hand, the traditional business activities take into account the impact on its wide range of social background, to make visible a wide range of participants is set for a long time business practices are often invisible, not counts or to report the consequences of time to review than usual. It focuses on business costs and imposed internal and external companies, such as the creation and distribution of wealth, skills and technology transfer, impact on the environment, human rights, quality of life benefits, working conditions.

Social Enterprise [social entrepreneurship] initiative on the other hand, consider a more effective response to the current through the adoption of the traditional means of operation or through a partnership between non-profit organizations, social needs in any way the private and social sectors, without having to to consider the existing business practices is being promoted first to these requirements.

University has started to pay social entrepreneurship. For example, the Stanford University School of Business has formed a Center for Social Innovation, Harvard Business School has a program on social enterprise, Columbia University Business School has a social enterprise projects, as well as the Fuqua School of Business (Duke), there is a center of entrepreneurship and social progress . I believe that many people, but what you think. There are also some more soon. Here in Wisconsin, there are several people in the development course of the proceedings, stay tuned to do so.

Maybe I was too cynical (research and legal practice in order to attract cynicism), but I can not imagine that the world would be a study in social entrepreneurship significantly different place. Sponsor about "regardless of the enterprise and social organization of the line" social entrepreneurs conversation. Fuca center of this example shows that fuzzy (etc.): "Homeless shelters entrepreneurship training and employment of their residents." It will be interesting, if not very sad. At least one quarter of all homeless severely mentally ill. There are many people have been abused, or addiction. They do not need job training. They need treatment!

With any attempt to integrate with social entrepreneurs from business entrepreneurs to learn the fundamental problem is that the objective is fundamentally different. Business entrepreneurs measure their degree of market acceptance and the creation of wealth, success. Measure of its social entrepreneurs to complete a mission's success. As by Greg Dees in his now classic description of the social entrepreneurship:

The market does not work as well as social entrepreneurs. In particular, the market is not doing so great importance to improving social services, public goods and good occupational hazards and benefits of people who could not afford it. These factors are often essential to social entrepreneurs. This makes it social entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is much more difficult to determine whether it is a social value of social entrepreneurs, to create enough value to justify the creation of the resources used. Survival or growth of social enterprise is not proof of its efficiency or effectiveness in improving social conditions. This is only a weak indicator, at best.

Can you say "fatal flaw"?

Monday, January 03, 2005

What's the deal with Contracts professors?

Last year, when I first started teaching contract, I signed a listserv was established, its purpose is to discuss contract law. I was a corporate law similar to the mass function, but the contract level of activity is much higher. Not only that, but the professors spent a lot of time analyzing (or) its first year law students constructed a hypothetical distortions. In contrast, mass function is rarely used in the Company's list of professors, when they do so, it is usually to discuss the latest developments in corporate law.

Rather than the hypothetical contract thinking, I began to think: Why is a contract professor at the company even more so outside the professors are interested in such activities. Perhaps more people to teach the contract, the list to get more traffic? Perhaps the contractual professors spend more time to make the basic issues, while business professors to continue to move forward on this basis? Professor of a contract may be smart (or stupid?) Professors outside the company? There may be some participants who feed directory service contracts of this type of discussion, but the enterprise directory service stations do not? Hard to say, but if people listen, I would like to hear your theories.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Search Engines: The Life Blood of Internet-Based Home Businesses

On the Internet in any one home-based business will soon be recognized as a means to attract potential customers to search engine optimization importance.

Since its establishment in 1998 Google has been using the search engine's popularity has risen sharply. Nielsen NetRatings reports that about 114.5 million Americans, or up to 39 percent of the U.S. population, currently used search engine.

By 2004, Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN 2 as the most popular two points with 87.3 million and 86.2 million unique monthly users online, respectively, according to Nielsen NetRatings reported figures., ranked third, with 64.2 million visitors, but this figure is somewhat misleading, because this site repair Windows operating system has attracted a large number of loopholes in traffic. Google is the fourth most popular six thousand Bashi ○ Dian Ling Lingling Ling Wan visitors.

MSN's market share, and Yahoo has not changed in the past three years, while Google has become a do not spend anything on advertising there were many factories. Google's audience, currently about six times more than in early 2001, was the most popular on the Internet 26 goals.

When they compete for status, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft plans to continue to improve their search engine services - healthy competition will only help to improve the Internet user's search experience in the future.

According to comScore Networks, about 350 million Internet searches are conducted each month in the United States, making search the second most popular online activity, ranking second only to e-mail.

In 2003, the company used for advertising related to search and knowledge estimate that two billion U.S. dollars expectations and search-related advertising market to triple in the next three years.

There are a variety of formats, including search engine natural search, paid inclusion (AIT), per-click (PPC) pay, and combine the characteristics of association and PPC hybrid approach. As the search engines, their effective use, is the lifeblood of a huge Internet-based home businesses and become increasingly popular.